Career Master Class Series

Your career is important to us and we are proud that our career management is the capstone program of Executive Privilege. You will learn how to assess opportunity, implement search strategies, digital networking 101, write a high impact resume, and develop effective performance in job interviews. Lets determine the best job and career options in Hospitality that fits you.

Our Career Master-Class Series is designed to safe-guard your most important asset; your career. Our career counsellors are experts in their field and have a wealth of experience in global Hospitality. They have extensive industry knowledge and will mentor you in a one-on-one personalized consultation to give you the career options that will give you the defining edge.

John Ortner, PhD - CEO

  •   Develop a unique career proposition
  •   Leading-edge job search toolbox
  •   Uncover the hidden job market
  •   Astute Interview and negotiation skills
  •   Communicate your personal brand

LinkedIn Optimizer

The resume is dead. Let your digital “career narrative” do the heavy lifting. You will create a responsive profile that links through, intelligent SEO and a relevant career narrative, a pro-active digital presence. This social-savvy workshop offers connection strategies to balance reach and trust in LinkedIn. This is achieved through comprehensive profiling, career SEO optimization, advanced search, thought leadership, and digital credibility. The results are powerful engagement strategies that create a more trusted and buyable social profile for the career hospitality professional.

Job Search Optimizer

According the HBR, 90% of jobs are not advertised, rather referred. It’s imperative that you develop a responsive job lead sales plan aligned to your unique career proposition to generate high-worth leads. The core of the workshop centers on career marketing, power content, and connection strategies to attract employer interest and be interview-ready. This is achieved through power profiling, refined marketing tactics, tactical prospecting, and personal branding. The outcome are a proven lead generation program that is optimized to the huge hidden job market.

Personal Brand Optimizer

Settled in your career, you realize the need to invest in your personal brand. You will develop a positioning strategy plan to brand your career. This advanced workshop centers on personal brand alignment, power content, and connection strategies to underpin your thought leadership. This is achieved through refined marketing tactics, a social content promotions plan, and real-time messaging tactics. The results are relevant engagement strategies that make you a trusted subject matter expert in your chosen specialization.

From only US$499, its time to get yourself ahead of the pack in 2016!

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