Executive Privilege

Our capstone program, executivePrivilege places you first! A structured, “digital proof” career management program for hospitality executives, you will learn to assess opportunity, implement search
strategies and get high-impact career results. One-on-one mentoring, access to the best opportunities and digital savvy are only a few of the many features of executivePrivilege.

Career Marketing Strategy

Develop a career objective strategy, create a functional strengths resume, map strengths to work history, unique career marketing tagline, search-friendly LinkedIn summary, and craft an action-based career narrative.

Job Centre

Exclusive to executivePRIVILEGE, our top jobs are listed here. You have first pick. First choice, always! From middle to senior management, we have a depth of job opportunities that will give you the edge.

Masterclass Optimizer Workshops

Highly personalized, The LinkedIn, job search, and personal brand workshops give you the competitive career edge. They offer an unpresented 360 view of the career marketing landscape with up-to-date marketing tools.

Mentoring Program

Industry experienced, and highly trained career consultants, your career is in good hands. Highly personalized, you will have the confidence to develop a communications-mix strategy this is commonsense and delivers results.